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Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Use Notice (this "Legal Notice") carefully. By viewing or otherwise using this Website, you agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated within this Legal Notice.

This Notice may be changed in the future without further notice. This Notice applies exclusively to your access to, use of this Website and does not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with Nammi.is for products and services.

middiaceramic.com reserves the right to cancel orders, to change prices and to change product types being sold, without notice. Orders can be confirmed by phone.

1. Product Delivery - Returns
2. Product Damaged During Transport and Delivery
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The middiaceramic.com terms and conditions above were validated in January 2010.

Product Delivery - Returns

Delivery times vary for each product ordered according to the requested delivery method. Information is included during the checkout process, where you can select from the several available shipping methods. We deliver product(s) worldwide, but customers are liable for all delivery and import charges into your country.

If the scheduled delivery time has passed and you have yet to receive your product(s), or you have any other delivery related questions, please send us an e-mail at: middia@middiaceramic.com

Any returns are the sole responsibility of the customer returning the goods, including cost of shipment. Furthermore, we cannot accept the return of used or damaged goods.

Once your items have been dispatched, we have no control over the postal service and we cannot accept any liability for late delivery.

middiaceramic.com is not responsible for any damage or loss of products or services that may occur in transport, i.e. from the time the product(s) are initially shipped, until you receive them. We advise all customers to insure product(s) in transport.

Cancellation right / right to return and refund

The buyer has 60 days to cancel a purchase, as long as he has not used the product and the product is returned in unopened packages and in good order. If the product was in sealed packages, the seal must not be broken. The cancellation period starts when the product has been delived to the receiver. The invoice for the product has to be included in the return. Refund is made in full if the above conditions are met and after the product has been returned. Delivery charges are not refunded. Please contact vbagsview.com for questions.

Privacy Policy

Personal information that we collect from you with respect to Nammi.is will be treated according to the current legislation in force. You agree to allow us to use your information internally for marketing purposes, but more importantly to improve our service. We use this information for among other things, to ensure that we meet your requirements, to authorize your purchases with us, and to notify you about special offers and other operational issues that you may be interested in. We reserve the right to use this information with our partners in order to expand and enhance our products and services. However, we will not give away the information that you provide to third parties. You can request to see the information that we have on you. If you determine that the information that we have on you is incorrect or unsatisfactory, you have the right to request that the information is corrected or deleted at no cost to you.