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4" Antibacterial Ceramic Knife for Promotion Gift

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3"Ceramic Paring Knife
Blade Material:Zirconium Oxide
Handle Material:ABS with TPR coated
Blade Color: white
Handle Color:black,green,pink
Blade Size:100x21x1.6mm
Total Length:220mm

Product Features:
1.superior quality,high hardness,the sharpest cutting edge hardness next to diamond
2.Never leave any metallic taste or smell on your food
3. Hardness 10 times and durable 60 times than stainless steel knif
4.Keep effecient without re-sharpening for years
5.Easy to be cleaned by rinsing in water
6.Improve your culinary experiences
7.Stain and rust proof,non-adhesion,very easy to clean.
8.Elegant Appearance.

Advantage of Middia Knife:
1.Middia ceramic knife is made of advanced material called zirconium oxide,strong eough that can bear higher drop test and the blade surface looks very good, drop it from 1 meter height(the head of blade straight down),the knife retain safe,or press the blade edge with ruler, it's retain safe for blade adge as well,but the same test for inferior knife, you may notice micro nicks on the blade's edges as inferior knife made of alumina or low purity zirconia powder,it's so easy to be broken.
2.Middia knife blade is extra sharp that can cut A4 paper to a thin paper which wide 0.2-0.4cm smoothly and easily.
3.Because of import high pure zirconium oxide blade,so it is as white as jade,check it under the strong light,blade is jade-like apparance, make noble sense,surface is smooth and clean,in perfect light transmittance,without any stain,chromatic aberration,shadow and hidden cracks,like jade transparency and brightness
4.Middia blade edge is made with more than 10 process,blade edge line is about 0.2mm, well-proportioned and excellent flexibility,when pressing the edge with ruler,blade edge will not crack .
5.Middia knife handle is made of import material,none toxic and smell,reach food degrade,passed PAHS/ROHS SGS test, well-balanced non-slip.
6.Middia make the knife top and heel to circle design so that will not hurt the user

•Do no cut on marble,stone,glass or tile surface, use only on plastic or wood cutting boards,
•Do not cut bone includes fish bone and frozen food or other hard object so that not damage the blade
•Do not used for any twising and prising
•Do not scraping hard surfaces
•Do not applying force to the side of the blade.
•Do not put handle to open flame
•Do not wash in the dishwasher,by hand wash with water and liquid dish soap.
•keep it away from the children

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